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Chinese Astrology Consultation
with Venus Wang-Lysiak

Venus has made numerous media appearances on TV shows, interviews, and seminars, where she passionately shares her views on optimizing opportunities.

Since 16, Venus began learning about Chinese Metaphysics, propelled by strong personal interest. Understa
nding her own favourable energy, she chose her most suitable profession & graduated from Property & Real Estate School in 2001.


At 21, she became top rookie of the year, awarded by Institute Of Estate Agent Singapore. By 25, she became a self-made millionaire, featured in magazines and local newspapers.

Since 2006, Venus has conducted seminars & talks to share her success, and how to use the right energies to ride the waves to the top.


Offering unique readings to individual & corporate clients, a session with Venus will offer insights, guidance, and direction to help achieve the targeted goals with ease.

Metaphysics is an amazing treasure trove waiting to be unlocked.  Are you ready to take control of your life and future?


Contact Venus to discuss or set up an appointment.


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