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Visit our cosy indoor + outdoor cafe!

While your furry friends have fun, you can enjoy a yummy meal made with love by Venusology! 




How to Reach Venusology Cafe



Our Beliefs

Our Pets are Our Family

Our pets bring us love and unwavering loyalty.  At Venusology Cafe, we create a welcoming space where  humans and furry companions can relax, socialise, and cherish the simple joys of life together!

Fresh, Nutritious Ingredients are Key

Fresh, nutritious ingredients are the heart of Venusology Cafe!  We believe that our food is the foundation of our wellbeing, and fuels our bodies and souls.  

Vegetarian and No Kill

Venusology is a vegetarian cafe, we believe in honoring life and making compassionate choices, one meal at a time.

If you are vegan, please let us know and we will adapt the dish for you!

How to Reach Venusology Cafe

Entrance to Pheonix Park.png

Enter Phoenix Park on Tanglin Road

After entering Phoenix Park, immediately turn right and then left to go up hill.

Through Block 318.jpg

Keep going uphill, go past a few signs that say block 318 until you see the Venusology Cafe sign!

Cafe Sign.jpg
White Gate.jpg

Turn right at the sign, go through the white gates into The GUILD.

Venusology Cafe will be on your left!

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